My First Step Preschool

Numerals 1-100 and above

Counting objects

Sorting by various attributes: color, shape, size

Patterns recognition: AB, AABB, ABC


Sizes: small, medium, large

Shapes: square, rectangle, circle, triangle etc…

Matching: symbols, shapes, patterns

Same and Different

More, Less, Same

Time: Day and Night

Money: Explore th
rough games and pretend play


Hold a pencil, marker, and crayon

Tracing upper case and lower case letters

Two letter words, Sight words, Vowels and Consonants

Write first and last name

Write sentences, Comprehension


Exposure to alphabet: upper and lower case

Two letter words, sight words, vowels and consonants. Blending words

Phonics: Beginning, middle and ending sound

Spell and write first and last name

Storytelling, answer questions about stories

Build listening skills, new vocabulary

Rhyming words


Basic Concepts

Concepts of print: left to right direction, holding a book right-side-up

Strengthen visual discrimination

Develop fine motor skills: play dough, scissors, logos, tracing and coloring

Repeat simple rhymes and finger plays

Concepts of before and after, full and empty, left and right, opposites  

Days of the week, Months of the year

Thinking skills



Explore science tools: magnets, prisms, magnifying glasses, etc.

Observe plant growth

Observe weather and plant life during each season

Identify basic colors and explore color mixing

Explore the world with the five senses

Introduction to animals

Creative Art

Use a variety of art materials: crayons, watercolor paint, colored pencils, markers, art chalk and clay

Experiment with mixing paint colors

Sing songs and songs that enhance the curriculum

Participate in movement songs and dances

Sound recognition

Act out the movements and sounds of animals

Social Skills

Work in groups or with a partner on a variety of projects

Share classroom materials with the group

Practice using manners: please, thank you, sorry, excuse me, table manners

Communicate his/her needs

Respecting parents, teacher and friends

Take care of his/her own basic needs: clean up, fasten clothing, use tissue as needed, etc.

State personal information: first and last name, age

Explore modes of transportation

Celebrating holidays and festivals