Ashwathy Vikram

This was my daughter’s first school. Miss Pari and Miss Vidya did an incredible job being her early teachers. The teachers created a happy and pleasant environment for my little girl... She liked going to school on the first day. And still has a positive and cheerful attitude about school life. Miss Pari was very patient with my daughter especially about her eating habits. Circle time and writing skills were taught in a kid-friendly manner. They had an art class every Friday, which all the children enjoyed. (I still have kept all the art from her school). Festivals and birthday parties were celebrated every month. Overall, the school laid an excellent foundation for my daughter and we will always be thankful to the teachers and have beautiful memories about our time here.

Uma Navin Malviya

A genuinely incredible first year for the kids. Emotions were always at their peak! A door to enter the world, make friendships and learn the ways of the world! Thankfully to Miss Parinita and her incredible and dependable staff, as a parent, I could always trust her with my child. The First Step in many ways indeed! Wishing her all the best for the coming year and years ahead in her inspiring journey as an educator!


March 31st, 2016

It certainly was a recommendation worth accepting. My search for finding a playschool for my Daughter "Aarohi" ended when one of my friends recommended "My first step playschool," run by you. Aarohi has never felt alone or sweep sided being at the school. I was a bit worried about my daughter for her being not so social but I see much improvement in her after she started visiting you. Your professionalism, caring environment in the school, being playful is something I really and highly appreciate. Aarohi knows all the Nursery Rhymes, communicates efficiently, explains her emotions and spoken after she started at the school. Aarohi has received numerous compliments from American, Non-American parents that she speaks so fluently and clearly at 2.5 years of age. All thanks to you. It was the best and real play school place for my daughter. Unfortunate that I had to leave jersey city for Job Travel. You are amazing.


March 28th, 2016

The decision to send my daughter Suhana to 'My First Step Play School' was incredibly right, as she has only grown after having Miss Parineeta as her teacher. Every day I have seen changes in her. She has become independent and more confident. The craft activities or the storytelling sessions have always been a great hit among kids and helps them in their personal growth. Suhana has always loved going to school and her Pari teacher. This school gets a full rating from my side as this was just the right place for my daughter to start her schooling.

Jaya Sinha

March 27th, 2016

Srishti joined My First step, Playschool when she was two years old. It has been a fantastic journey for both of us. I have seen Srishti learning alphabets and numbers. Not only can she write them but now she can make words and also do addition. She knows all the Nursery rhymes and she is also an excellent storyteller. Her circle time not only enhanced her communication skills but also boosted her confidence to speak for herself. Art and craft classes built an interest in Srishti towards Painting. Though Miss Parinita is a complete Professional, she had given personal attention to Srishti which is extremely important for Kids in the growing years. I cannot thank her enough for whatever she has done for Srishti in all these years.


March 24th, 2016

My son has been going to My First Step Preschool for the past three years now. His communication has improved and has inculcated in his lot of manners. Thanks to the teachers for their attention to each child. My son was always happy about going to school. I would recommend this school to any parent. Thank you, Parinita once again for all the love, care and teaching you have given my son, which he will always carry with him lifelong and be remembered as his first school.

Snehal Patil

March 22nd, 2016

When I moved to Jersey City, I was looking at school for my three years old and received excellent reviews from my friends for ‘MyFirst Step,’ so I enrolled my daughter in the same. Starting from the first day, she eager to go to school. Her communication, understanding got better. As a teacher, we feel Miss Parinita is hardworking, loves teaching, developing students. She also provides personal attention and encourages kids.